Heath House Inspired Stained Glass Panel

My most recent project is coming together in the workshop.   I ‘m currently making a small 6 inch by 8 inch glass panel.  The panel is based on a window design found at the William R. Heath house in Buffalo, New York.

The Heath House was of course designed by Frank Lloyd Wrigth in 1905 during the height of his prairie style period.

For this panel I am experimenting with varying lead came widths.  Wright used varying came sizes to draw attention to certain elements and aaccentuate the negative space in his windows. For this this project I’m using a combination of 5/32ths, 3/16ths  and 1/4th inch came.

Now that I’ve put in the final piece of leading, I’ll just have to wait for the mud to dry before I take a few studio photographs of the final work to share.