Stained Glass Studio

Allow the art and spirit of the Prairie style to inspire you by adding a piece of architectural magic to your home. Handcrafted Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass gifts created in pure Wright style will be treasured by anyone. Every piece is crafted by the artist in his workshop, which is located inside a Frank Lloyd Wright home where Frank himself often visited.

Stained Glass Pattern from Alex Spatz's Book.

Tools Of The Stained Glass Trade

The heart of the studio is built around my Morton glass cutting system.   The Morton system allows me to make precision scores to ensure consistent straight edges to my glass pieces.

Each glass piece is assembled on my work bench.  The bench is where I’ll check drawings, burnish foiled pieces of glass or complete the final touches on my custom made glass art pieces.

Stained Glass Studio Techniques

In the studio, I focus on two primary techniques.  The traditional lead came or leaded window technique as well as the copper foiling technique.

Soldering on the Stained Glass Studio Workbench

Lead Came Technique

My favorite technique for prairie school inspired design is working with lead came.  Lead came provides a clean and crisp line to my glass work.  It can perfectly express the horizontal lines of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic designs.

The technique takes patience and sometimes wasted lead, but nothing works better.

Lightcather with lead came

Copper Foil Technique

The copper foil technique made popular by Tiffany and Company is the best approach for creating three-dimensional glass art. The foil technique is well suited for lamps, candle votives, jewelry boxes, and terrariums.

A recent glass nightlight is a perfect example of the copper foil technique.

Hollyhock inspired nightlight

Handcrafted Gifts From the Workshop

I enjoy making handmade gifts for friends and family. I make a range of stained glass windows, nightlights, and small light catchers. If you’d like to see more of my work check out my  Etsy gallery.