New Spring Colors in a traditional prairie stained glass design

Even though the groundhog seems to have seen his shadow it doesn’t feel like it’s too early for spring colors.  This weekend I started two new projects to ward off winter and prepare for spring.

The first project was a new take on a traditional design I’ve been exploring for a while. If you follow my blog you’ll recognize this design as one of the same designs I used in my candle holder centerpiece.

For this version, I selected colors that I think are perfect for spring.  A light blue wispy glass makes up the central chevron and highlights.  I’ve added a few pieces of white iridescent glass too. The iridescent glass changes colors as the viewing angle changes.  Here it looks almost like mother of pearl.

Their entire piece is wrapped in a ever so light pink. It almost looks white here but it has just a touch of color.

A Unique Stained Glass Gift

As always, these handmade pieces are available for sale over at my Etsy shop. If you’ve got a spring wedding, Easter gift, or you are looking for an early Mother’s Day gift, this would definitely be something unique.  Check the listing on for this stained glass panel here if you’d like more information.