Stained Glass Pattern from Alex Spatz's Book.

Prairie Designs II for Stained Glass Windows is the second book in the series by Alex Spatz. The stained glass patterns included in the book are sympathetic to the prairie school of design made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright. If you are looking to explore design elements Wright he made popular during the turn of the 20th century this is a good place to start.

Great Stained Glass Patterns For the Beginner

The prairie school of design is based on natural organic elements. In Wright’s mind, a big part of his organic architecture was the horizontal line of the midwestern prairie. The benefit of this horizontal based design is, of course, the abundance of straight lines. For any novice stained glass artist, straight lines are favorites to score and break because of their relative ease. This is a great collection of beginner stained glass patterns.

While the designs included also have designs with circles or arcs, there are plenty of designs that require only straight scores. Most of the pieces, while easy to cut will have at a minimum of about 40 pieces with the more complex stained glass panel designs well beyond that. If you’re looking for patterns for a prairie window, this is a good book to have.

As part of this review, I completed one window design that was about 40 pieces using the copper foil technique. The finished piece took about 4 hours to make. I should mention I was using a glass foiler which saved a lot of time over hand foiling.

Foiling or Lead Came

The designs included in the book can be completed in either the foil technique or with lead came. Personally, given the straight line nature of the prairie school, stained glass with lead came looks better. If you like to work with lead came consider it as the best option for these designs.

Glass Color Pallets and Glass Choices

Unfortunately,  the book doesn’t provide any color design references. While there is a brief paragraph on color selection in the forward you’ll be largely on your own to select a suitable color pallet and glass.
Don’t be too discouraged, with the current ability to use Google Search to find prairie stained glass you can quickly find plenty of visual references to help select glass for any of the projects.

Prairie Style Stained Glass Patterns to Start Your Exploration

This book is a great place to start your exploration of prairie style stained glass designs. The designs are simple but elegant.  This book is a great supplement to provide inspiration for your own designs, especially if you are new to glass arts.

Even if you aren’t interested in adding your own touch to these designs there are plenty of projects to work through to keep you busy.  You’ll find patterns for glass panels, light catchers, and even larger windows.

It’s a great book to add to your collection as a glass artist.

Example Prairie Stained Glass Patterns

During the course of reviewing this book, I took the time to create a few glass panels based on featured designs. While the book recommends building build the designs at a larger scale I decided to make mine smaller.  Each piece was created to be hung as  a light catcher and not necessarily as a staind alone window.