No baby shower would be complete without a few gifts. While I’ve been producing plenty of nightlights in more traditional pairie school and missions style color palettes, I some how forgot to address the two most obvious colors. Pink and blue! I’m glad to say I’ve finally remedied the issue and I’m happy ot add a new design with two color schemes to my growing list of stained glass gifts.

Nightlight for The Baby’s Room

Each of these nightlights is made with lot of white opalescent glass. This makes it feel brighter than some of the more traditional reds and greens in my other designs. That extra light isn’t a bad thing, if it lets you avoid trip on top of some little toy the little one may have left in the middle of the room. Trust me, I know this from first hand experience.

Like my others, these nightlights are made with the standard 4-watt bulbs.  Just enough to light a bedroom, nusury or hallway at night.  I handmake each piece in my studio.  Each light takes a little less than an hour to make.  If you’d like to buy one check out my Etsy store.