Stained Glass Night Light in red, green and white

With Christmas just past it’s time to start working on some new stained glass gifts.  Unfortunately, the season for Christmas ornaments has passed, but not to worry, I’ve started a new design project to make a  stained glass night light.  I’m working on turning this first light into a complete series.

Stained Glass Night Light, a Great Gift

The design concepts are inspired by several designs I used for my 2016 Christmas ornaments.  What I love about the nightlights is they use the glass as it shows best, with light passing through. The nightlight kits that I’ll be using have a 4-watt bulb that is just enough to show off the beauty of the glass without leaving you stumbling down the hallway blinded by a glaring light.

The designs I’ve got drawn up will be perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of charm to art and crafts or craftsman inspired home. I recently completed a design in opalescent green, red and white.  I’ve used it in my home for the last couple of days and my wife and my daughter both love it.  I think I’ll be making at least one more for myself.

Copper Foil Technique Adds Dimensions

For these new pieces, I’m using the copper foil technique.  This technique allows me to create the nightlight with 3 dimensions.   Glass shades that wrap around the nightlight bulb offer a more controlled light that doesn’t spill over the glass panel.  this extra dimension also makes the pieces look better from all viewing angles when you’ve got it plugged in.

If you like the early model I’ve shown here check out my store for new releases once I’ve got them ready for sale.