Stained Glass Candle Lantern


As the holidays are approaching it seems like a perfect time to experiment with a stained glass new project.  I’ve decided to try a three-dimensional piece.  I’m going to make a small candle lantern for the Christmas season.   Every Christmas time I think about how we should have a nice centerpiece for the table.  Well, this is the year.  I’m just going to make my own.

Praire Inspired Candle Lantern

I’m planning to make a four-sided lantern using a design similar to several I’ve seen in Frank Lloyd Wright’s art glass work in the past.  I will take some creative license and use season colors for the glass instead of his traditional organic palette of fall tones.

Although I feel like I should use foil for this project, I’m going to try lead came.  I’m not sure how it’s all going to come together when I try to assemble the lantern, but I like the cleaner lines of lead came.

One Stained Glass Panel Down, Four to Go

To complete the project I’ll need to create four panels.  The first one was not as bad as I thought.  Even with 20 individual cut pieces of glass, it didn’t take too long.  I must be getting better.  If I spend an hour or two a couple of nights a week, I think this project will take me about a week.

After the first panel I’ve also taken enough measurements that I’m confident I can cut all the lead, I’ll need in advance, and the assembly of the panels should go quickly.

Off to the studio to cut glass for the next three panels. Here I go!