Pink and Blue Spring Colored Stained Glass PanelMaking seasonal pieces is great fun, especially when there is a good reason.  I just wrapped up this little gem, a pink and light blue panel that is perfect for the spring.  Mother’s Day is coming up in a few short weeks and the colors I choose look just right.

This panel is currently for sale over on my Etsy site.

New Stained Glass Design

This panel is a new design I’d like to eventually use for my candle holders.  It’s a simplified version of the Heath House panel.  I love the Heath house inspired panel, panel, but I need something that had a slightly different aspect ratio for my candle holders.  This 4-inch wide by 6-inch tall panel will be just right.

I’m using my new favorite lead came again in this version.  5/32ths inch rounded H is my current go to.  It’s fast and easy to work with.  buying it in rolls also makes it easy to store in my workshop.  I can’t imagine going back to flat boxes of lead anymore. What a nightmare it is to find a good place to store 6-foot lengths of lead or even heavy boxes of three-foot sections for that matter.