Frank Lloyd Wright Nightlight
This week I finalized a new nightlight design.  The design is another prairie style piece based on design elements made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright around the turn of the 20th century.

Warm and Vibrant Colors

In this design, I have added accents with red and blue cathedral glass.  The transparent cathedral glass creates a focal point and adds a touch of vibrant color.

The opalescent white glass that makes up most of the front face has a slight hint of sandy earth tones.  This hint of color creates a beautiful, inviting, warm glow at night.

Frank Lloyd Wright Design Elements

I designed this piece based on the organic elements that Frank Lloyd Wright used in his windows.  He was known for using trapezoids or diamonds to represent the leaves of plants. A famous example would be his Sumac Windows at the Dana-Thomas house.

This nightlight design borrows elements similar to windows in the Lake Geneva Hotel built in 1911 and demolished in the 1970’s.

Nightlights Make a Perfect Gift

This design is one of several that I have stocked in my online store. Each nightlight takes about 1 hour to craft by hand.  Each nightlight goes from glass cutting to foiling, then soldering and finally adding the light.  Pick one up from my store or just browse my other work.  I regularly update and change my inventory so check back if you don’t find something that you like.