Half Completed Emmond House Stained Glass Project

Half completed Emmond House inspired window.

It’s always good to have extra supplies. That’s my usual motto. Except this time I didn’t follow it. Just as I was getting into my latest glass project I ran out of lead came.

I had recently ordered what I thought was about 30 feet of rolled 3/16″ H lead came. When I opened the box I realized it was rounded U came. Uh oh, we had a problem.  That was definitely not what I wanted. With a new kink in my plans and I had to put things on hold.

Ordering More Lead Came

Last week I was looking for some reasonably priced 3/16″ came to complete my project. I was hoping to order a 30-foot roll but the came profile I started my project with was only available in 6-foot lengths or a 50-pound box. Of course, 50 pounds seems like way too much so I cut my losses and order a few bags of 6-foot lengths.

The lead came in at the end of this week. That meant I spent a few hours this Saturday in my glass studio.

So far I’ve got just under half the window completed. I worked through the last of the antique glass I had in my workshop this afternoon.

Before I can continue with my Emmond house replica window I’ll need to head out to the garage and harvest some more glass from the old single pane sashes I have stored away.  With the fiasco around running out of lead came, that lead me to think about what Wright might have used.

What Style Came Did Frank Lloyd Wright Use?

While I was shopping to buy additional came I started thinking about what type of came would give me a more traditional prairie school appearance. I started exploring a couple of websites and eventually landed on a book by Dennis J. Casey called Light Screens Illustrated. The book looks to be a must-have for anyone looking to produce authentic Wright style windows.

Unfortunately, my local library didn’t have a copy of the book so I ordered in on Amazon. It’s been a good, quick read so far.

I was interested to learn that Wright largely used zinc came. Zinc is stronger than lead and was one of the reasons you don’t see a lot of supporting rebar or copper reinforcements in his windows.

I’m getting a sense that for an upcoming project I’m definitely going to try working with zinc came.