Custom Sailboat Christmas OrnamentsChristmas is almost here and it’s time to check that you’ve got your holiday shopping complete.  I know I’m still working on mine.  Just like everyone else I’m always searching the web for that perfect gift.  I sometimes forget others are doing the same thing.

Recently someone had discovered a sailboat ornament project that I had completed.  They were interested enough to reach out to me via my Etsy store and ask if I could make a custom piece with special initials for a gift. I absolutely love working with clients to customize gifts.  I know that with a little time and effort and collaboration, custom gifts mean the most.

Custom gifts can sound intimidating but they are not.  I’m my case is usually about matching a style, and colors.  It’s about listening and presenting options to a potential client.  I like to do mock-ups and sending images of glass samples. Pictures are usually the best way to make sure my artistic vision matches up with what a client has in mind.

If you are visiting and see anything you like, but don’t see a color or style that is quite right don’t worry.  Artists are usually more than happy to work with you.  In my case, I’m only an email away.

Happy Holidays!