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Work in Progress: Heath House Inspired Panel

My most recent project is coming together in the workshop.   I 'm currently making a small 6 inch by 8 inch glass panel.  The panel is based on a window design found at the William R. Heath house in Buffalo, New York. The Heath House was of course designed by Frank Lloyd Wrigth in [...]

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New Stained Glass Ornament for Christmas 2017

  It's Christmas Ornament for 2017   It's never to early to get a start on making gifts for next Christmas.  Inspiration struck today.  In part because I got a request through my online store for a set of four unique ornaments.  For me, that meant and afternoon first at the computer doing [...]

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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Nightlight

This week I finalized a new nightlight design.  The design is another prairie style piece based on design elements made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright around the turn of the 20th century. Warm and Vibrant Colors In this design, I have added accents with red and blue cathedral glass.  The transparent cathedral glass creates a focal [...]

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Stained Glass Work: Three Tips for Glass Artists From my Last Project

I spent another few hours working on my latest window project this weekend.  I'm glad to share that I've finished most of the work.  The panel is now fully assembled and ready for cementing. I've learned a few things during this latest project.  Before I forget, I thought I share my discoveries.  So here we [...]

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Emmond House Stained Glass Project Update

Half completed Emmond House inspired window. It's always good to have extra supplies. That's my usual motto. Except this time I didn't follow it. Just as I was getting into my latest glass project I ran out of lead came. I had recently ordered what I thought was about 30 feet of rolled 3/16" [...]

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New Emmond House Stained Glass Project

Orignal Emmond House window I've been wanting to create a new glass panel based on Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass windows in the Robert Emmond house. The windows in the 1893 home draw inspiration from his early Oak Park Studio.  A variation of the diamond pattern that he made extensive use of in Oak Park can [...]

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Christmas Stained Glass Gifts for the Entire Family

Just before Christmas, I created a set of matching stained glass gifts for my sister-in-law and her family. When I completed the set, I was eager to post a picture but I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I decided to wait to share the project with the world. Now that were a few [...]

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New Stained Glass Night Light Coming Soon

With Christmas just past it's time to start working on some new stained glass gifts.  Unfortunately, the season for Christmas ornaments has passed, but not to worry, I've started a new design project to make a  stained glass night light.  I'm working on turning this first light into a complete series. Stained Glass Night Light, a [...]

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Making Last Minute Stained Glass Gifts

It's Christmas Eve and I've got a few more gifts to make for friends and family. It's nice to be able to be able to put together some handmade gifts and not have to run to the shopping mall. This year for the family I decided to make clear glass stars. They look great on [...]

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