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2020 Wright Plus Walking Tour

Photo by Teemu008 from Palatine, Illinois. Used under Creative Commons 2.0 This year's Wright Plus 2020 house walk will be held on Saturday , May 16th, 2020.  The Tour will feature three Wright designed houses.  The tour includes eight private residences and two additional buildings. You'll be sure to have a full day [...]

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2019 Wright Plus Housewalk

The 2019 Wright Plus House walked featured some great homes. I was glad to visit a few houses that fit nicely into my own interests in Wright's early works. The 2019 crowds seemed lighter than past years even with the nice weather. Arriving a little later than usual, I started my day around 10:30. The [...]

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2019 Wright House Walk in La Grange

On Sunday, May 19th the  La Grange Area Historical Society will be hosting it's annual What's Wright in La Grange walking tour. Check their website to register for this year's walk. This is your chance to see several of the American architect's work up close.  You can buy tickets to the Wright Tour here. American [...]

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The Best of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Art Glass

Robie House, Photo By Cervin Robinson While Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture is amazing, don’t forget that he designed every element in most of his homes.  That includes the art glass in many of is prairie style buildings.  For fans of Frank Lloyd Wright art glass I’ve put together a short list of my [...]

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History of the W. Irving Clark House

The W. Irving Clark house is located at 211 S. La Grange Road in La Grange Illinois.  It was one the last bootleg homes attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright.  The home was built in 1893 just before he left Adler and Sullivan. Originally the design was attributed to E. Hill Turnock.   It is believed [...]

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Wright Walking Tour, May 21st in La Grange, IL

The La Grange Historical Society will be giving a Frank Lloyd Wright walking tour on Sunday, May 21st 2017. The tour will walk past four homes in the village of La Grange designed by Wright between 1892 and 1907. Wright's Bootleg Homes This unique tour will feature two of Wright’s earliest bootleg homes.  These homes [...]

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