Glass Inspired By Nature

Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by nature.  My stained glass work was also inspired by nature. Not by the beauty of nature, but rather by its destructive force.

When a leaded glass window in my home was damaged in a wind storm I decided it was time to learn the craft of stained glass work.   I wanted to replace the window and found out how expensive custom stained glass windows could be.

Fortunately, my father had taken up stained glass as a hobby at one point in his life.  A short trip to my Dad’s workshop later and I had all the tools I needed to start a new hobby of my own.

Handmade Gifts

While I’m happy to not have the misfortune to be regularly replacing windows in my home, I still felt like I needed the opportunity to practices and hone my glass skills.

The obvious answer was to just start making stuff.  And that I did.  Currently, you’ll find some of my unique handmade gifts inspired by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, available on Etsy.  Wright was such Check out my Etsy store to learn more.



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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the best known American architects from the turn of the 20th century.  Not only is he the man behind what he termed organic architecture and the prairie style, he continually reinvented himself.

Wright’s classic prairie style continued to morph and later evolved into Usonian architecture.

Many of his buildings still inspire and inform American’s taste for open floor plans that easily flow from one room to another.

Prairie Style Design

Prairie school architecture often involves the blending of architecture into its natural environment.  Homes often include design elements that tend to be low, wide, and flat with hipped roofs and wide eaves.

The design elements were often accentuated by horizontal lines inspired by the midwestern landscape. Homes feature minimal ornamentation and often played of craftsman style accents including quarter-sawn oak trim, floors, and cabinetry.